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Announcement: After 15 years of life, these boards have dwindled to a place for a mere handful of folks to post links and have the rare discussion. Having born the financial burden for both the hosting and the software for that same 15 year period, and just not having the time anymore for this effort, I have decided to shutdown these boards at the end of the USL & NASL season later this Fall. It has truly been a blast to have been part of growing a nation-wide fanbase thru internet interaction, that in 1999 was slim or non-existent for the Lower Divisions of Soccer. That has all changed and for the better. Fan support around the country is nothing like what it was when I started this, so from that perspective, I feel I accomplished my small part in contributing to growing that connection into what it is today. Thanks for everyone's support over the years, and especially for all the friendships across the country that Vicki and I have so enjoyed (and still do) over the years. Thanks !! Dan Barnes
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#286881 - 01/18/13 09:05 AM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: c0ldfuse]
JJE Offline
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There are lots of things in the forum history that might make interesting fodder. If someone has time to troll (EDIT: Whops, we have enough of that already, meant trawl) through some of those pages and maybe bump them or link them here that would be pretty cool. I would give you a whole bag of internet nuts.

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#286882 - 01/18/13 09:07 AM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: pfutz]
jw7 Offline
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Originally Posted By: pfutz

2. They are sold at the NSC.


Hot nuts is all Neil, he would give them away to everybody at the games.

They make you drink more beer because they are hot.
Don't rub your eyes after eating them.

Nessie -"The NSC stadium is just like Nessie, she's in a remote location and few will ever see her"

Taka headbands

"Lash it in there"
"Diving header"

The bad trumpet player

"Mighty mighty Thunder"

"Score damn it"


"We got whisky over here!"
Shouted loudly during a back and forth chant (we got beer over here...) going on during the game between the official supporters behind the visiting team bench, and the un-official slightly buzzed fans/supporters in the beer garden.

Bruce and I
Threatening the Portland Supporters signing chants against the Thunder (while they were beating us) to leave the Beer Garden peacefully, or else...

#286885 - 01/18/13 09:20 AM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: jw7]
jimcrist Offline
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score damnit can be chalked up to neal too. i cannot claim responsibility for anything really.

#286886 - 01/18/13 09:36 AM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: c0ldfuse]
bornwithatail_ Offline

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Originally Posted By: c0ldfuse
bornwithatail_ It'd be hepful if you kept track of all things you did not know about so we have a source of non-insider knowledge to populate the FAQ.

A list of everything I don't know would crash the servers. Long story short, a year ago I was a guy who would watch World Cup games and had some barely functional knowledge of the Premier League... and then Hairy Grump convinced me to watch the Stars v. RSL Open Cup match at Ye Olde Dankwater. [Insert crack/heroin analogy here.]

Anyhoo, ever since then I've been going to matches and kind of lurking on the fringes of the Clouds' stand, devouring blogs and podcasts, etc. I'm probably typical of a considerable demographic of casual soccer fans who are getting too old to go to punk shows on weeknights, are bored by the more mainstream sports, and would welcome a chance to get more involved with a local club and supporters' group. So, if you guys don't mind, I'll probably post some "questions from a newcomer" from time to time as they cross my mind.

Discovering Stars and Dark Clouds has been one of the awesomest things that's happened to me in a long time. So, thanks for existing and being so welcoming.
Overall Weirdness

#286887 - 01/18/13 09:45 AM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: bornwithatail_]
JJE Offline
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Originally Posted By: bornwithatail_
Ye Olde Dankwater

We really should petition Saeed to change the name to this.

#286888 - 01/18/13 09:56 AM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: jimcrist]
Leprechaun Offline
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Originally Posted By: jimcrist
score damnit can be chalked up to neal too. i cannot claim responsibility for anything really.

Not that it matters, but I believe credit/blame (depending on your perspective) for the origination of the Score, Damnit chant belongs to Our Donovan.
She thinks she missed the train to Mars. She's out back counting Stars.

#286889 - 01/18/13 10:25 AM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: Leprechaun]
matthew Offline
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on the subject of Our Donovan, he also was the one who brought the "Minnesota oh ah" chant.

the Dae-han-min-guk/Minn-A-So-Ta came from some randomn English dude who attended one game at the Jimmy. Unless he is now a regular and I just never put two and two together, if so sorry.
Only Nessie

#286900 - 01/18/13 12:15 PM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: matthew]
jw7 Offline
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The Jimmy in St Paul
Walking behind the goal to get to the north side while the players were warming up for the game. You had to keep your eyes open because if the player missed the net the ball came rocketing at the fans walking to their seats.

Dean Johnson tryed to serve drinks and beer to the fans at the Jimmy but to do that they had to put the "bar" over by the tennis courts about 100 yards away from the field. It did not work because it took a while to get a drink and you could not even see the field from out there.

Watching the players leave the field at half and watching them walk under the stands to who knows where__ as a locker room??

Being annoyed at all the little kids running around making too much noise during the game everywhere you went (except near the DCs the parents kept them away from the DCs...!) Few of them ever watched much of any game. After I figured out that the parents kept the kids away from the DCs I would sit further down past the supporters. I'm a loner, and like watching the game without interruptions* and talking. (*until the beer garden came along) I finally found my peaceful spot at the Jimmy past the DC's.

Dean Johnson
Say what you will, but the facts are he did elevate the game to a better field, better play, and he did build a better place to serve drinks from and to watch the game from.
I miss that first beer garden, many good things happened there.

The NSC Beer Garden1
I have been to many soccer games in my lifetime, no place better to watch a game from than the NSC Beer Garden1.
-Each and every Corner Kick, it was if you were on the field and in the game standing that close to the field.
-The shoot-out where the ref moved the PKs to the other side of the field to "make it fair".
-The hole in the front wall of "My Seat" where I put my foot through the wood by kicking the boards to make noise during a big game moment.
-The fact that the front row terrace of the Beer Garden1 was almost literally a reserved spot for some of us fans. I do remember walking up one day and seeing a few young guys standing in my corner spot nearest the goal and joking to them that they were in my seat... and they then to my surprise they moved up to the second row and said someone told them not to stand in the front row... smile
-After about three years a shot went over the net and came directly into the Beer Garden and took the beer right out of of of the Minnesota Thunder youth team coaches that just happened to be wearing a new MLS Portland Timbers jersey.

Dale Wheiler fan club
-One day Rook showed up with a sign that read; The Official Dale Weiler Fan Club. He had it every game after that. I asked Rook why he chose Dale (Dale was a good player but kinda new at that point and had only played a few minutes up to this points). Rook answered that he picked a player he thought would never get to play and just went with it... Dale played well but was mainly used as a sub late in the game.

- Oneday Rook and his friends started a chant to put Dale in the game (I think we were losing) and the coach Donny G. look over to the beer garden saw us all signing for Dale and a few minutes later he put Dale in the game. We all then laughed loudly. If I remember right he then scored a goal and gave us one point...
Too many others to remember for this very creative NSC cycle rider turned NSC soccer fan...

Boy of Soccer
Beer in the Carolina GK's water bottle, nuff said. I told you the Beer Garden1 was close to the field.

The owl?? Can't even tell you anything about it. I think someone once told me but it still made no sense to anyone other than the DCs?

Sitting al alone in the bleaches behind the goal in the north end because of something that went on with the one of of the supporters...?

Hoppy Guy
The good trumpet player

Only a select few
Any game where it rained all day long and then continued on throughout the whole game time. If you did not make the rain games you were not a real fan.
- I did not pay much attention to the DCs until the rain game in 2007. It was pouring so hard I had brought my best ski mountaineering Gore-Tex clothing and was quite comfortable during the 90 minute downpour. Many of the DCs showed up with little if any rain gear only a few umbrellas. After 90 minutes those 20 were still all there standing in the rain signing chants... They earned my respect that day. smile

Even fewer
Driving down to Rochester to see the Minnesota Thunder PDL team play. I swear they had more fans at their PDL games then we were drawing to the D2 games that year.
-We picked up Takada, Rodriguez from that team. Takada was a stand out player. I remember KJ was siting a few rows below us and came up at half to talk about the play of the PDL team. He though Lucas was a good player, I remember he spotted him before anyone else that was there that day. We then watched him and all agreed he was dominating his side of the field and playing well. I wrote about the two players here on this site. Those two players played on the D2 team the next season.

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#286902 - 01/18/13 12:29 PM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: jw7]
HooligansFC Offline
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What the hell happened to the owl? And did the NSC relocate Gary the Cat when the beer garden was destroyed?

#286904 - 01/18/13 12:42 PM Re: Dark Clouds Legendaria [Re: HooligansFC]
JJE Offline
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Registered: 06/08/05
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Loc: Twin Cities
Pretty sure the owl is still in the storage area at the NSC. No word on the current location of Lutz Pfannenstiel (more info)

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