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#279967 - 04/16/12 02:19 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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Interesting that the Qatar bid offered to give away many of the stadiums they will build for 2022 after the WC is over in 2022. Wonder who will get them?

Amos Adamu: Itís ok, itís ok. It is for the development of the game. Every time anything one can do to develop the game is very welcome.

Amos Adamu: Basically, it is the same of infrastructure ... providing of playing pitches.

Amos Adamu: Thatís the major thing that we are doing now.

Amos Adamu: The grass. You can buy the grass and then send it. It is the same thing. Not necessarily dealing in cash if that is ok. If not, it doesnít really matter.

Female Reporter: I didnít know whether it would have to go via the Nigerian football confederation or itís better to go to you directly.

Amos Adamu: Directly, directly, directly. Of course the football federation would be involved, too.

Female Reporter: Yeah. Well, absolutely. I think thatís what the American companies would like to do. To support football elsewhere in the world apart from in America. Obviously, theyíve got massive financial interests in football coming to America. But, if they can help do some good things ...

Amos Adamu: I understand you very well. I understand.

Male Reporter: I am sure the Russians told you the same thing?

Amos Adamu: Everybody did. Everybody did. What can be done, what is there to be done and me I would tell you if I am voting for you or not.

Male Reporter: So that we have an idea. What sort of schemes are the Russians offering? Are they offering any ... any ...

Amos Adamu: No, not, just say that they can cooperate with us in terms of developing African football.

Male Reporter: What, so, they would vote for ... in terms of voting or in terms of ... ?

Amos Adamu: In terms of, if we vote for them, they need their votes, but they never say that, ok, if you vote for us, we do this ...everybody talks like you also, but ... if everybody talks like you ...

Female Reporter: I know, but I think we all know what we mean.

Amos Adamu: But not in terms of ... these are the conditions to be met.

Female Reporter: Yes, weíre really diplomatic.

Amos Adamu: Everybody is. And we have to also be very careful also.

Male Reporter : Yeah, we understand, I understand.

Amos Adamu: You know, very careful.

Amos Adamu: No, the next stage is you go back to them and if it is ok with them, then we can sit down, work out the modalities and what it takes and how do you go about it. But for me, it is agreeable. It is agreeable to me and then we go back to them and there this time we can arrange another formal meeting where we start direct negotiations and logistics on how to go about it.

Male Reporter: (...) I suppose one of the things I want to know, they will want to know from this, will you, will it help you make your decision in favour of America in some way?

Amos Adamu: Obviously, it may have an effect. Of course it may have an effect. It may have an effect. Because certainly if you are to invest on that, that means you also want the vote.

Amos Adamu: What is more important is which one will benefit football. This is the most important thing. Which one will benefit football and how do we support them. Because in the final analysis if one is able to have the cooperation. Itís good for the development of the game. In Africa especially.

PSG in France...
Barcelona jersey sponsorship in Spain...
Everything after 2006...

#279968 - 04/16/12 02:30 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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Male Reporter: No, some people are slightly more, arenít they?

Amos Adamu: Yes, some people have started long ago.

Amos Adamu: I donít know what commitments people made. But, you know, you cannot know what any other person is thinking. Maybe they have been talking to other people long ago.

#279969 - 04/16/12 02:51 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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Ahongalu Fusimalohi: Iím being very frank with you on this because I remember 2006, phew, if I had taken something, I wouldíve taken, well they were trying to buy me cheaply, but my selling price wouldíve been a full retirement and in shame if I was to ever get caught, so I said sorry gentlemen.

Reporter: This would be 2004 wouldnít be it?

Ahongalu Fusimalohi: Yeah, for the 2010.

Reporter: 2010. Who was, who was offering money in those days?

Ahongalu Fusimalohi: Well we had a couple of good bids, and theyíre all Arabs.

Reporter: Oh what Bin Hammam?

Ahongalu Fusimalohi: Well, you had five countries bidding.

Reporter: Right, ok. Because, I also got the impression that, you know, you were talking about the Moroccans earlier, the last time in 2004, didnít the Moroccans pay the Africans to vote for them?

Ahongalu Fusimalohi: Like I said, with me, I canít confirm that they did offer me anything, but I know for a fact that they did offer. I think they actually did pay. Especially the Muslim countries and the Africans and the Arabs.

Reporter: ĎCos I, thatís quite instructive, itís quite interesting for me to know what happened in 2004, because it will obviously go along a similar line. At what point, at what point in the, in the campaign do all these offers get made? Where, where...

Ahongalu Fusimalohi: Any time.

Reporter: So it could be at any time in the last two years?

Reporter: I just, Ďcos, Ďcos, the thing Iím conscious about is that weíre late.

Ahongalu Fusimalohi: Yes you are...

#279970 - 04/16/12 02:55 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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It should be clear after reading these documents that the bid bribing was already finished before the bid even started.

FIFA and its history/culture of corruption was well know before the "bid" was even official.

It was an Olympic and Swiss "sports" thing... Nuff said!

#279975 - 04/16/12 03:28 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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*Translated from French

Amadou Diakite: No, no, I'm, I'm interested and I think I am well placed for the role, what. But I say, me, the time left is very short. The time left is very short...

Amadou Diakite: It is easier to give a guarantee, see, what, order a guarantee rather than paying before, what, because you never know. Before you pay. If it not going in the desired direction, you can not recover.

Journalist: Just one more question about Qatar. You think for us, we should try to make a higher amount as them? Countries that offer you will take, we introduce in these countries, you think we should then offer more, like this, we are already talking about our client and were told it already will go up?

Amadou Diakite:
At least, at least at their level, I believe, at the same level.

Reporter: Because you told me when I told you 800,000 initially, you've said that you think it was reasonable but if Qatar has 1.2 million should be at least make an offer ...

Amadou Diakite: this is an equivalent offer.

Reporter: And you, you, the level of such payments, then, is your African partners which you informed?

Amadou Diakite: Yeah, absolutely, absolutely

Amadou Diakite: Well, what I told you. We could tell them, you such amount to provide them with a personal project they want to achieve in their country...

Amadou Diakite: I think, what you should tell them, you have to say amount is available to them for a project or they would like to use. It is for them to ask how it will do well. The key is that you do not exceed the amount you proposed.

Amadou Diakite: Yeah, I think, I think let the member decide what to do the amount, it is the safest way to have his vote.

#279976 - 04/16/12 06:05 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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Blatter went all out to win the bid for Africa, all but promising he would deliver the World Cup to Africa for the first time. It was a major political IOU after the African nations had backed him in his 31-vote victory over Lennart Johansson, president of Europeís governing body UEFA at the FIFA Congress in Paris on the eve of the World Cup in 1998.

Here the story gets complicated...

#279977 - 04/16/12 06:13 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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Dempsey was one of the eight members of the executive committee who had received Sonneborn's fax on Wednesday, the night before the vote. In his letter to Dempsey, Sonneborn promised him a cuckoo clock and Black Forest ham in exchange for Dempsey's vote for Germany:

In this difficult situation, Germany would like to emphasize the urgency of its appeal to hold the World Cup 2006 in Germany.
Let me come straight to the point:
In appreciation of your support we would like to offer you a small gift for your vote in favor of Germany:
A fine basket with specialties from the black forest, including some really good sausages, ham and ó hold on to your seat ó a wonderful KuKuClock!
And a beer mug, too! Do we leave you any choice?
We trust in the wisdom of your decision tomorrow,

sincerely yours

Martin Sonneborn
Secretary TDES
(WM 2006 initiative)

óOriginal text of the fax, sent by Titanic on July 5th, 2000

"This final fax broke my neck."
He argued that the pressure from all sides including "an attempt to bribe" him had become too much for him.

#279978 - 04/16/12 07:07 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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Development projects by FIFA in countries that don't really need much help from FIFA.

2004-$2,000,000. *not completed yet.

2004-$546,000. completed in 2004.
2006-$933,735. * not completed yet.
2009-$400,000. *not completed yet.

2003-$460,000. completed in 2005.
2006-$400,000. completed in 2008.
2008-$400,000. *not completed yet.

2003-$1,355,000 completed in 2007.
2008-$942,595. *not completed yet.
2009- $640, 686 *not completed yet.

2005-$800,000. Completed in 2006.
2008-$400,000. *not completed yet.

2009-$400,000. *not completed yet.

2008-$3,330,000. *not completed yet.
2009-$519,000. completed in 2009.

2003-$686,500. completed 2006.
2008-$500,000. *not completed yet.

2008-$400,000. *not completed yet.

2003 (amount unlisted) *not completed yet

Saudi Arabia
2009-$1,500,000. *not completed yet.

United Arab Emirates
2007-$1,337,837. *not completed yet.

#280049 - 04/18/12 05:26 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: Soccer Boy]
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Mohamed bin Hammam was absent here Wednesday as the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) met to determine the powerful Asian regional football chief's future in football.

"It's practically certain there won't be a decision on Thursday," CAS secretary general Mattieu Reeb told AFP.

#280110 - 04/19/12 05:25 PM Re: Get ready! A new WC 2022 vote may happen. [Re: jw7]
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A hearing was held in the CAS arbitration between Mr Mohammad Bin Hammam and FIFA at the CAS Headquarters in Lausanne on 18 and 19 April 2012. 10 witnesses were heard by the CAS Panel and the parties had 2 hours each to present their closing oral arguments.

The Panel will now start its deliberations and prepare the Arbitral Award which should be issued by the end of June 2012.

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